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We publish 3 categories of books: Books about gastronomy and history - Fictions - Books for children and teenagers.

Book for children, bilingual in English and French

TAMBAO: Caramel and Chocolate, cover - Marie Josèphe Moncorgé and Jacques Bouchut

Caramel and Chocolate

Marie Josèphe Moncorgé and Jacques Bouchut

Antiracist tale for 3 to 6 years old children. Bilingual in English and in French.

Caramel, the cat, was bored and wanted to make friends. Some refused, while others accepted to be Caramel's friends. Caramel ended up finding 11 friends who were different from what he was, and especially Chocolate, the dog, with whom he loved playing. 50 pages, 44 photos. 41 musiques. More...

Our books in French

TAMBAO: The nougat in all its forms - Marie Josèphe Moncorgé

The nougat in all its forms

A Mediterranean history of confectionary

Marie Josèphe Moncorgé

The nougat is a typical confectionary from the Mediterranean region. It may be black or white. Its name, form and manufacturing process may differ from one country to another: Nougat in France, torrone or copeta in Italy, turrón in Spain, jabane in Morocco, qubbajt in Malta, koz helva in Turkey, mandolato in Greece, gaz in Iran, etc. Its origin is ancient. Before being a confectionary, it was first and foremost a medicine. The first recipes of white nougat can be found in an Arabic book written in 10th Century, in Baghdad. In those days, nougat used to be called nātif.

250 pages, 67 illustrations, 20 recipes, links - November 2013

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Mediterranean culinary tradition, a long shared history

Marie Josèphe Moncorgé

When one looks beyond specific details, one can find relationships between the Mediterranean cuisines. Just like the puff pastry that the chefs of Al-Andalus (Moorish Iberia) concocted, as one goes through several books one discovers the complete history of Mediterranean basin through its culinary history.

TAMBAO: Mediterranean culinary tradition 2nd volume - Marie Josèphe Moncorgé
2nd volume: Mediterranean cheeses, desserts and drinks (in French)

Fruits in the culinary art. Cheese, milk, from feta to yoghurt. Confectionaries: nougats, syrups, candied fruits, jams, sorbets. Aniseed-flavoured drinks.

324 pages, 36 photos, 78 links - April 2013

TAMBAO: Mediterranean culinary tradition 1st volume - Marie Josèphe Moncorgé
1st volume: The Mediterranean cuisine (in French)

Main vegetables: aubergine, tomato, zucchini, bell pepper, chilli. Pasta. Salted fishes in all forms. The techniques and flavours characteristic of the Mediterranean. Recipes.

490 pages, 84 links - February 2013

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TAMBAO: Alfrèdo Cortex et la croix d'Agadez - Jacques Bouchut

Alfrèdo Cortex and the cross from Agadez (in French)

Jacques Bouchut

Book for children

Alfrèdo, a young boy, is kidnaped with his girl friend Mélodie. They are led to Sénégal, where they escape with the help of their friend Mamadou. But the troubles go on, making them live an adventure. In this way, they make a great contribution to put an end to a trafic of workers.

20 chapters, 12 photos, 8 maps, 5 videos, 8 musics, bonus with 10 photos, 13 links to musics et 2 links to websites about slavery - January 2014 / november 2016

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TAMBAO: Abracadir - Jacques Bouchut

Abracadir (free reading in French)

Fiction, adult and book for children

Jacques Bouchut

In this coming-of-age-novel, a young boy with fertile imagination meets a blind young girl. Cloune, his new friend, guides him on an incredible adventure, marked out by books and tales. Imer also discovers new feelings and emotions that help him evolve from childhood to adolescence.

Throughout his vacation at his grand-parents’ place, the child learns to overcome his fear. He invents a dream world where each of the 7 angles of the estate corresponds to a book, a magic world with a mysterious meaning.

129 pages, prolongation with 40 links to books - October 2013.

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TAMBAO: Snapshots - Jacques Bouchut

Snapshots (free reading in French)

Jacques Bouchut


These fictional sketches may give sight of a family everyday life: building up a pond, children playing, a boy‘s holidays at his grand parents’, two teenagers seemingly in love, a young woman going through a job interview, a couple...

27 chapters - July 2016.

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TAMBAO: Brunon - Jacques Bouchut and Janine Bouchut

Brunon (free reading in French)

Jacques Bouchut and Janine Bouchut

In the first tale, a teddy bear finds a book about the last bears of Bauges region in France. Marvellous ecological tale, the second text tells the story of the life of a family of bears throughout the year: in natural surroundings, we observe the end of hibernation, search for food, the bears mate and when young ones are born.

Illustrated with 9 water-colour paintings. There is a bonus on Bauges and protection of nature - September 2013 / July 2016.

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TAMBAO: Almandine - Jacques Bouchut

Almandine (free reading in French)

Jacques Bouchut


As his girl friend Mélodie left for USA, Alfredo is getting close to Almandine. While working as a composer and rehearsing with his band, he still finds time for a crazy net searching of a hidden treasure. From Annecy to Switzerland, from Chicago to Roumania... till facing a sombre reality.

29 chapters - 9 illustrations, 13 musics and videos - May 2016.

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TAMBAO: Tiny flames flickering on an automnal fire - Jacques Bouchut

Tiny flames flickering on an automnal fire (free reading in French)

Jacques Bouchut


As a salesman for a frozen foods company, he is sent to work in Japan by his boss. She is running a travel agency and is going cross country skiing in Canada’s far North. Will they end up meeting?

Novel in 19 chapters - 3 illustrations. March 2016.

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TAMBAO: Jicook and Jokico - Jacques Bouchut

Jicook and Jokico (free reading in French)

Jacques Bouchut

Fiction with photos

Jicook lands on a strange planet and sends messages and photographs in the space. Jokico, who is somewhere else, replies to him in her own manner. Which strange malady struck Jicook?

Text built on 16 photos by the author, in 12 chapters - February 2013 / February 2016.

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TAMBAO: Words and music - Jacques Bouchut

Words and music (free reading in French)

Jacques Bouchut

Fiction, tale with music

A saxophone player lost his job. As he could no longer play the instrument, he went towards the Ocean of silences and noises and thus met surprising figures who were all musicians.

Tale written by an amateur of jazz and saxophone. Texts to be read and listened, 26 photos, 22 musics. November 2015.

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TAMBAO: An other book - Jacques Bouchut

An other book (free reading in French)

Jacques Bouchut

Fiction, tale with music

When an ebook actually becomes a digital book, it is not easy to summarize it. We may tell: here is the story of a writer who has found some pages from 3 manuscripts of his deceased father. Little fool of fresh water, the beginning of the cinemas (movies theaters). Do you believe? or the dream of Péh, love meeting and creation of a hotel restaurant. The sleepwalker's ballade, science-fiction or love story's memory? We may say also: her are some mixed fragments of 3 stories, as the reader discovers little by little the links between them. We may tell more: digital fiction that allows reading 3 differents stories or a fragmentary story. Each reader chooses his way of reading the book, by magic of digital links.

Many references to movies, philosophy, literature...

4 books, 48 chapters, 2 illustrations by the author, 33 links for several ways of reading the book - March 2014 / June 2015.

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TAMBAO: Childhood's garden - Jacques Bouchut

Childhood's garden (free reading in French)

Jacques Bouchut

Fiction with photos and videos

Prune makes a chance discovery that his wind vane becomes a fantasy world at night inhabited by 4 familiar figures, the monsters from the garden of childhood.

Text built on 12 photos by the author, in 12 chapters, 2 videos by the author - February 2013 / June 2015.

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TAMBAO: On the other side of the world - Jacques Bouchut

On the other side of the world (free reading in French)

Jacques Bouchut


So what is there on the other side of the world? It is up to the reader to decide whether one changes one’s reading habits in order to venture in other territories.

Illustrated fantasy tale with 18 links towards web-posts. Text and illustrations by the author - March 2013 / May 2015.

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TAMBAO: That's all cinema - Jacques Bouchut

That's all cinema (in French)

Jacques Bouchut

Fiction with film's images

The book is made of a short texts related to images of films. It is a cinema game that calls upon your imagination and memory. You choose one of the 5 paths of reading: Love (2 options), freedom, fighting spirit, lying. After that, you can choose another one, then yet another one, or go through the book as if it was a family photo album. Suggestive scripts of ambiance and 66 images from films.

251 pages - 46 images of the author created from 66 film's images - 3,8 Mo - February 2015.

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TAMBAO: Kevin in Pompeii - JMJ Balder

Kevin in Pompeii (in French)

JMJ Balder

Book for children

A young boy finds himself transported by magic in Pompeii at the time of eruption of Vesuvius. Slowly, Kevin discovers that he has crossed the barriers of space and time and befriends Alexandra, another young slave like him. He discovers how people lived in Pompeii just before the catastrophe. House of the Labyrinth, temple of Isis, forum, fullers' house, public baths, market, tavern, bakery... But the time is running out and Kevin’s troubles continue to increase. Will he be able to save his new friends?

The story goes on with a bonus : 15 games, a leaflet on Pompeii by romane times, 17 links to sites, blogs, videos, musiic.

JMJ Balder is the pen-name of Jacques Bouchut and Marie Josèphe Moncorgé, who have written this book. Text, 59 illustrations and bonus : 152 pages - June 2013.

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