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Free books: Alfrèdo Cortex - Snapshots - Brunon - Almandine - Tiny flames - Jicook and Jokico - Words and music - Another book - Childhood garden - On the other side of the world

An innovative literature

A book in lèbe format (from lecture web : web reading) that can be read as simply as a web-site or a blog and on any device. A book in lèbe format is read with your web browser.

You immerse yourself in an innovative literature. The texts, images, links, soundtracks of the digital fiction are displayed in a flowing format. You read a part of the text, look at the images and, just like in the movies, you listen to another part of the text, the music, and the noises.

Free books reading in French, on TAMBAO.

To read a lèbe hold your tablet widthways: the pictures are set to landscape format, like when watching a film or the TV.

To enter the book, click on the cover-image or the title and then again on the image. One can return to TAMBAO’s web-site with the help of the link at the end of the table of contents.

TAMBAO : Alfrèdo Cortex and the cross from Agadez - Jacques Bouchut

Alfrèdo Cortex and the cross from Agadez (in French)

Jacques Bouchut, lèbe : November 2016.

Book for children

Alfrèdo, a young boy, is kidnaped with his girl friend Mélodie. They are led to Sénégal, where they escape with the help of their friend Mamadou. But the troubles go on, making them live an adventure. In this way, they make a great contribution to put an end to a trafic of workers.

20 chapters, 12 photos, 8 maps, 5 videos, 8 musics, bonus with 10 photos, 13 links to musics et 2 links to websites about slavery - January 2014 / november 2016... More in French.

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TAMBAO: Snapshots - Jacques Bouchut

Snapshots (in French)

Jacques Bouchut, lèbe : July 2016.

These fictional sketches may give sight of a family everyday life: building up a pond, children playing, a boy‘s holidays at his grand parents’, two teenagers seemingly in love, a young woman going through a job interview, a couple...

27 chapters... More in French.

TAMBAO: Brunon - Jacques Bouchut

Brunon (in French)

Jacques Bouchut, lèbe : July 2016.

In the first tale, a teddy bear finds a book about the last bears of Bauges region in France. Marvellous ecological tale, the second text tells the story of the life of a family of bears throughout the year: in natural surroundings, we observe the end of hibernation, search for food, the bears mate and when young ones are born.

Illustrated with 9 water-colour paintings. There is a bonus on Bauges and protection of nature... More in French.

TAMBAO: Almandine - Jacques Bouchut

Almandine (in French)

Jacques Bouchut, lèbe : May 2016.

As his girl friend Mélodie left for USA, Alfredo is getting close to Almandine. While working as a composer and rehearsing with his band, he still finds time for a crazy net searching of a hidden treasure. From Annecy to Switzerland, from Chicago to Roumania... till facing a sombre reality.

29 chapters - 9 illustrations, 13 musics and videos... More in French.

TAMBAO: Tiny flames flickering on an automnal fire - Jacques Bouchut

Tiny flames flickering on an automnal fire (in French)

Jacques Bouchut, lèbe : March 2016.

As a salesman for a frozen foods company, he is sent to work in Japan by his boss. She is running a travel agency and is going cross country skiing in Canada’s far North. Will they end up meeting?

Novel in 19 chapiters - 3 illustrations... More in French.

TAMBAO: Jicook et Jokico - Jacques Bouchut

Jicook and Jokico (in French)

Jacques Bouchut, lèbe : February 2016.

Jicook lands on a strange planet and sends messages and photographs in the space. Jokico, who is somewhere else, replies to him in her own manner. Which strange malady struck Jicook?

Texte built on 16 photos from the author in 12 chapters... More in French.

TAMBAO: Words and music - Jacques Bouchut

Words and music (in French)

Jacques Bouchut, November 2015

Tale written by an amateur of jazz and saxophone. A saxophone player lost his job. As he could no longer play the instrument, he went towards the Ocean of silences and noises and thus met surprising figures who were all musicians.

Texts to be read and listened, photos, music... More in French.

TAMBAO: Another book - Jacques Bouchut

Another book (in French)

Jacques Bouchut, lèbe : June 2015

From the fragments of vanished manuscript of his father, a writer managed to recreate 3 love-stories (cinema, fantasy, memories).

You can read it in several different ways: a fragmented story or 3 chronological stories, somewhat like The Alexandria Quartet is made in 3 dimensions in terms of space and one of time... More in French.

TAMBAO: Childhood garden - Jacques Bouchut

Childhood garden (in French)

Jacques Bouchut, lèbe : June 2015

One day, while walking in his garden, Prune discovers that his wind vane becomes a strange world during the night...

A fantastic and nostalgic tale around a stone-garden.

This book illustrated with photographs starts and ends with a video... More in French.

TAMBAO: On the other side of the world - Jacques Bouchut

On the other side of the world (in French)

Jacques Bouchut, lèbe : May 2015

One day, without knowing why or how, you go to the other side of the world.

Reading this book, you go from author’s text to that of other authors on the Internet: 18 dispersed links lead you towards the blog-posts... More in French.

To read in French: On the other side of the world

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