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Book for children, bilingual in English and French

Caramel and Chocolate

TAMBAO: Caramel and Chocolate, cover - Marie Josèphe Moncorgé and Jacques Bouchut

Marie Josèphe Moncorgé and Jacques Bouchut

Antiracist tale for 3 to 6 years old children. Bilingual in English and in French.

Caramel, the cat, was bored and wanted to make friends. Some refused, while others accepted to be Caramel's friends. Caramel ended up finding 11 friends who were different from what he was, and especially Chocolate, the dog, with whom he loved playing. 50 pages, 44 photos. 41 musiques. More...

Book in English

All kinds of nougat

TAMBAO: All kinds of nougat - Marie Josèphe Moncorgé

A journey through the Mediterranean history of a confectionery

Marie Josèphe Moncorgé

Where does the nougat come from? The nougat is a typical confectionary from the Mediterranean countries. More...

Books about gastronomy and history, in French

Mediterranean culinary tradition, a long shared history

Marie Josèphe Moncorgé

TAMBAO: Mediterranean culinary tradition - Marie Josèphe Moncorgé

When one looks beyond specific details, one can find relationships between the Mediterranean cuisines. Just like the puff pastry that the chefs of Al-Andalus (Moorish Iberia) concocted, as one goes through several books one discovers the complete history of Mediterranean basin through its culinary history.

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