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All kinds of nougat

A journey through the Mediterranean history of a confectionery

Marie Josèphe Moncorgé

The true story of nougat

TAMBAO: All kinds of nougat - Marie Josèphe Moncorgé

Where does the nougat come from? The nougat is a typical confectionery of the Mediterranean countries. Its origin is ancient. It's first of all a drug before it's a confectionery. The first recipes for white nougat come from an Arab book from Baghdad in the 10th century. The nougat is then called nātif.

The nougat can be black or white. Its name, shape and making are different from one country to another: nougat in France, torrone or copeta in Italy, turrón in Spain, jabane in Morocco, qubbajt in Malta, koz helva in Turkey, mandolato in Greece, gas in Iran, etc.

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All kinds of nougat includes 20 recipes from antiquity to the present day.

67 illustrations and photos, including 8 maps - 62 links to the Web, including 12 videos - 13,5 Mo epub - December 2018

Digital book (ebook) --- Paperback --- Video --- Free excerpts --- Map of the book

All kinds of nougat is available in English

Livre numérique, livre imprimé, en français

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168 pages, 56 illustrations including 8 maps of nougats, 20 recipes, 18 QR codes to web pages - January 2019.

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Other countries: Spain --- Italy --- Germany --- UK --- USA --- Canada --- etc...

Free excerpts from the book

To get an idea of the book, on your tablet or on your computer, here is a free excerpt in epub format.

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Video YouTube

The wonderful journey of nougat through the Mediterranean

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All kinds of nougat - Map of the book -

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